Ways to Generate Traffic by Quora for FREE

A Brief Introduction to Quora

Quora is the biggest Question & Answer website on the internet right now. A Question & Answer website is where users come to post their questions and get answered by the community.

I see Quora as a perfect platform for bloggers who want to showcase their expertise and get their target audience’s attention.

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Now, you’re wondering that how it useful and important for blogging and marketing. Here are the main 6 benefits of using Quora for your blogging and marketing:

  • Increase Traffic for FREE
  • Traffic fro Day 1
  • Promote any kind of Content
  • Build Brand Authority
  • Get Notified
  • Generate New Content Ideas

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Ways to Get Traffic from Quora

Pick the Right Interests

When you’ve created your account on Quora, they will ask your fields of interest, which will be added to your feed, as described in previous posts. This will make easy for you to find relevant questions to answer, so choose everything related with your niche. Select at least 10 topics.

Write a Killer Profile Bio

Just like content marketing, you need a killer author bio to establish solid presence on Quora. Profile’s bio involves basic details, like adding your display photo, your name and description about you. However, other things which needs to pay attention are your credentials and description.

Your description doesn’t have to be too long, just keep it short, straightforward, and impactful. Simply mention your job, work experience and couple of your hobbies. Also list down the websites where you’ve been featured in for actively guest blogging and links to relevant pages, such as your website and social media profiles.

Pankul Bindal quora profile

Now, many of you are thinking the need of this. Why do you have a killer and impactful bio? The need of this is because whenever Quora users visits your profile, they’re asking Who is this person and why should I trust him?

To address this question, you have your Quora with complete record of your credentials. You will found and edit all these at the right-most section of your profile.

If you working for a popular company like Facebook, Google, make sure to select the official Quora “topic” for your company. On Quora, there doesn’t any business pages, even for big brands. Rather than this, companies are treated as topics that can be followed by users and form discussions around. For example, if you are a tech blogger and also working as a software engineer in Apple, you can select either the topic or product for the company.

quora credentials

May be sometimes, you didn’t find your brand registered as a Quora topic yet, so you can do that yourself by scrolling to bottom of the list and click ‘Create Topic.’

Perform Content Research

Once you have completed your profile and brand topic, it’s time to do some work.

Quora is a great source of content ideas that your target audience wants to read about. However, not all questions aren’t for same. Some questions are already logged with answers while some hardly get attention at all. You need to answer posts having a thousands of followers with few answers to match the demand. You can get these metrics by going to one of the topic pages on your feed and by clicking on ‘Answer’ tab.

Always try to find questions with an answer-follower ratio of 1:5, means question having at least five followers and one answer, which maximizes the chances of getting the high views and upvotes.

Use Questions to Develop an Article

Next step is to plan and craft useful content to answers the question in detail. Ideally, you have already blog posts related to the topics at hand. If not, take this as an opportunity to write related to what Quora users is looking for. For example, you can write something about the free ways to promote the website.

quora Content Idea Generation

Write Quora Answers Like a Pro

Now, you are ready with your content. Next step is to give the link to content in your answer. As you have created the content specifically for this question. You just need to focus on the quality of your answer, which will help you get more views, upvotes, exposure, and traffic to your linked post.

Follow the following points to make sure that your answer is valuable:

  • Use Visuals – Just like you craft regular blog posts, Quora answers with visual content also have a better chance of fetching the audience’s attention. These can be screenshots, infographics, YouTube videos, etc.
  • Be Exhaustive – Marketing on Quora has become competitive due to it’s increasing popularity. While answering a question, cover everything as much as possible and give no reason to users for looking another answers.
  • Do Proper Formatting – To improve the readability of your answer, break down sections with subheadings. You can also create bulleted or numbered list to mention relevant information.
  • Write in Simple Language – Try to use simple language, be direct (to the point).
  • Be Careful with Links – You also have option to insert a link to a landing page, only do so if it is relevant.

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