Top 6 Benefits of Using Quora for Blogging and Marketing

Top 6 Quora Benefits

A Brief Introduction to Quora

Quora is the biggest Question & Answer website on the internet right now. A Question & Answer website is where users come to post their questions and get answered by the community.

I see Quora as a perfect platform for bloggers who want to showcase their expertise and get their target audience’s attention.

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Why Should You Use Quora?

Above you’ve read that Quora is just a Question & Answer website. Now, you’re wondering that how it useful and important for blogging and marketing. Here are the main 6 benefits of using Quora for your blogging and marketing:

Increase Website Referral Traffic for Free

Referral traffic referred as the users who come to your website by clicking a link from another website. Main thing about referral traffic is that it is completely free. Unlike paid traffic through ads, you don’t have to spend a single penny on referral traffic.

Quora also gives you an option to run ads and accelerate your traffic. This is another benefit of using Quora in form of traffic generation channel.

Increase Website Referral Traffic for Free

Traffic from Starting – Day 1

If you know that you’re doing is right, then, you can turn Quora into a traffic-generating machine for your blog in one single day.

Now, you’re wondering about the options to generate traffic. One option is to create Quora ad campaigns and have your brand appear to users who ask about and follow relevant topics. Use this option if you have budget and already know everything about pay-per-click or PPC advertisement.

Another Option is to answer the questions of topics you’ve expertise and leave link to your blog where it is relevant and necessary. This option don’t need any money and you also having a link to your blog.

Traffic from starting - day 1

You will get clicks as soon as you started, if you have a well-planned marketing strategy for Quora. I am confident about this, because, on Quora, you’re positioning your content right in front of your ideal audience.

Promote Every Type of Content

Some thought that Quora only allows text-based answers, but, what if I told you that you can also include videos, images, social media handles, quotes, and customized links in your answer to promote your content.

This means that if you have the talent of creating infographics, eBooks, videos, or online courses, then, you can promote them directly to Quora users.

Promote Every Type of Content

Build Brand Authority

If you’re active user on Quora, whether you only give text answers or choose to include various content types in your answers, positions you as a blogger having expertise in your field.

And of course, it didn’t happen overnight. But if you consistently provide quality information on Quora community, you’re on your way to build your brand authority.

Get Noticed

If you like to do guest blogging or being interviewed by top publications, Quora will help you to cover your way. You get to know that authoritative marketers, agencies, fellow bloggers, and even executives of various companies also use Quora as a promotion channel. In case you didn’t noticed, then, the Quora is best place for that.

Showing your knowledge with accurate answers is to get the attention and also you can interact with them by leaving comments on their answers.

Get Noticed by Other Publications

Content Idea Generation

As a blogger, you know that how tough it is to come up with new content ideas on a regular basis. Quora might be the solution to this problems, as there is ocean of content ideas waiting to discover. You can find a lot of questions in related question tab in the sidebar, which can be used for your upcoming blog posts.

Content Idea Generation

You can also use search bar, enter a couple of keywords which also help you to generate some more ideas. The suggestions you get may need some refining, it shouldn’t hard to squeeze out the useful content ideas from them.

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