What Should You Include on Your Homepage

Homepage design - what should you include on your homepage

First Impression is Last Impression. You have heard that many times. When a user lands on your website’s homepage, it has to impress users so that they will know that you’re worth and come back later too.

For that ask yourself that “Is your homepage making the good first impression?”

Exactly what you have to include on your homepage? And this can vary from industry to industry, but there are some crucial elements that every website homepage needs to have. Read here about these crucial elements that should be on your homepage to make a good first impression:

  1. Branding Elements
  2. Concept Statement and Tagline
  3. Navigation Menu
  4. Social Media Links
  5. Contact Information
  6. Call to Action (CTA)
  7. Eye Catching Design
  8. Information about Team and Products
  9. Awards and Certifications
  10. Testimonials


Branding Elements

Branding elements are those elements which you used represent your brand identity. These branding elements are your Brand name, logo, slogan, etc. Your brand Logo should be on the top left side of your homepage, since it’s the place where the user seen first. However, you can also place your logo at the center above your navigational bar. But the logo should be easy to spot.

Concept Statement and Tagline

Hero section or a slider having a large image(s), just below the navigation below. Hero section is used to quickly give the idea to visitors that what they will get from your website.

Most of the website owners do mistake with hero section that they only use it for beautification of websites and not for conveying their concept statement.

Navigation Menu

If your website is a multi-pager website, there should be a clear navigational menu for your visitors for moving around the website. Navigational menu should be easily readable and usable for the first time visitor. These help your visitors by letting them know where they can find the information they want without being confused.

Social Media Links

You have a lot of visitors on your website and also want that they will follow and engage with your brand on social media. So, for that, place the social media button linking to your social media handles on your website’s homepage at a convenient place. The more you have social following, higher the chances to get clicks back to your website.

Contact Information

We have many times in our work or life need tech support or customer service, and may be your website visitors also need of that. Visitors should be able to easily find your contact information on your homepage. Mostly, these information is placed in the footer. Your contact information should include your mailing address, email address, and phone number.

Beside of your visitors, these information may also be helpful for you, because people whom want to work or collaborate with people need your contact information. Also increases your credibility and shows legitimate business.

Call to Action

Every website has a goal to achieve and this will be your conversion. When someone lands on your homepage, it should be clear what action you want them to take next. On Homepage, the usual CTAs are Blog Subscription form, Service Request Button etc. Meet up with you team and at most 2 action on your homepage. You can use contrast colors to highlight them.

Eye Catching Design

One main aspect of your homepage is eye catching design and color scheme. Colors aren’t just about style, they can help in guiding the visitor’s eye and influence people’s thoughts about your brand.

Information about Team and Products

You are a solo person who manages the website or have a Team, it’s a great idea to include a little bit of information about you and your team on your homepage. Also, you can add a dedicated About page with more information. This will give professional look to your homepage.

If you sell products and/or services on your website, add their own sections to give and overview about them to your visitors.

Awards and Certifications

Do you or your business received any awards or certification?  Don’t just put those awards in your office display shelves!! These Awards and certifications builds credibility, show up quality of work and supports your image as an expert in your industry.


Today, most of the people reads the reviews and testimonials before trusting any brand to take a service or buying a product. I you or your company has get positive reviews from your customers, showcase them on your website.

Testimonials build trust in your potential customers and make them confident in choosing you.


Create a better homepage Today!! And if you’re considering to redesign your homepage/website. Talk to us Today!!

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