Tips to Get Best Domain Name for Your Business

You selected name for your business, its important as it will become your brand name. Like this, selection for domain name for your business website is also important.

Now in the era of internet, companies first search for available domain names before deciding a name for company.

When you take your business online, domain name is the first thing you think for, because of this, it is very important to get the best domain name to attract visitors.

Here is the list of some tips to consider before choosing the best domain name for your business to take it online and attract a lot of visitors:

  1. Shorter Name
  2. Brandable name
  3. Describe the Purpose
  4. No Numbers and Hyphens
  5. Get a .com
  6. Don’t Misspell
  7. Beware of Trademarks

Shorter Names are Always a Good Choice

Always remember that the domain names of shorter length are good choice. As per a guideline, I read on internet is that never exceed the character counting to twenty while choosing domain name for your business and if possible try to stay within ten characters.

Rather than characters, also take care of words. You have to aim for 2 word domain name, because these are ideal and easy to remember. Most of the one word domains names are taken already and three words domain names will be difficult to remember by your visitors.

My own domain name ( is of 2 words and 9 characters long.

Get a Brandable Domain Name

Brandable domain names have an interesting letter combination, pronunciation or simply appealing. Brandable domains helps your visitors to relate your website and its content with your name.

Also, your domain names are of short length, easy to remember, which will give you an advantage as your visitors recall it easily. You may be thinking of bookmarking of website but most of the users on internet do not use a bookmark to remember their favorite websites. All they do is keep the names or domain name in their memory and open it they when they want. Due to this reason, having long domain names are hard to recall and you’ll lose customers.

Domain Name Should Describe the Purpose

Domain name should be descriptive word which describes your business or website and helps you in producing traffic. Visitors after seeing your website’s direct links from other websites or on search engines may click on your domain name if it immediately gives them a clue about your site and you’re offering to them.

For example, domain name will immediately indicate about your website/business as compared to If both the domains and appeared in a search engine result page, which one would you likely to click if you were looking for study materials?

No Numbers or Hyphens

Domains names that contains hyphens and numbers tend to cheaper in price as domain names not having dot com extension are cheaper. Basically, this will tend to be hard for visitors to remember. For example, what if the domain name of my website is, there may be lose a lot of visitors. Most of the visitors tend to forget numbers or hyphens in your domain name. If you have purchased a domain name for your business containing hyphens and numbers, it is good to change it sooner to recall domain name among your visitors.

Get a .com Extention

Try and get a .com extension for the domain name of your business, as this is the most popular one and easily stuck in the minds of people. When you select a domain name that has a country extension such as a dot IN or a dot CN, these can be confusing for your visitors and difficult to remember. Whereas, you will find that the .com domain name that you want is already taken by someone. However, you can try your luck and search in the domain name after-market or auction sites where people who own good .com names will be ready to sell it at premium rates.

Don’t Misspell

Avoid words in domain name having strange words, letter combinations, complex pronunciations and foreign language words. What if your potential client can’t spell your domain name correctly and end up by reaching another website, possibly similar website.

Beware of Trademarks

You buy a domain name which is a trademarked name, then the owner of trademark has legal right to take the domain name from you. Also, take note that the generic names cannot be trademarked.

For example, Apple Inc. cannot claim rights over, only they can buy the domain name. Similarly, CocaCola can just claim rights on a name like or

Do not buy domain names with trademarked words with intention of competing with other brands, because this may legally cost you in the long run.

Pankul Bindal

Pankul Bindal is Digital Marketer, Graphic Designer and Programmer. He has completed his Computer Engineering. His passion is to write blogs, Designing and Digital Marketing. He works for many Companies in his freelancing Career.

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