Basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO is a very deep concept and it takes some time to master SEO. If you have installed your WordPress blog with the SEO plugin, then you can go ahead and start optimizing your website otherwise first install the SEO plugin on your blog. If you have a blog, and you have started receiving your first … Read more Basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Introduction to Backlinks

In the previous posts we read about SEO, Keywords, Optimisation of Homepage, other pages and blog posts. Now we learn about the backlinks. Backlinks are backbone of SEO. In the SEO of Website, Backlinks play a vital role. Backlinks are the core part of off-page SEO. What the Backlinks are? Backlink is a incoming hyperlink … Read more Introduction to Backlinks

How to Optimise Website Homepage

For better Seo, it’s important to optimise your website. It will boost your website speed and helps in SEO. What is Homepage? The homepage or home page is the name of the main page of a website where visitors can find hyperlinks to other pages on the site. By default, the homepage on all web … Read more How to Optimise Website Homepage

What are Keywords @SEO Basics

Keywords are core of SEO and SEM. Keywords are most important part of SEO. What are Keywords? Any time when you type a word or phrase into a search box—on Google, for example—you are using keywords to try to find relevant images, videos, or information. Keywords are basically terms that we send to a search … Read more What are Keywords @SEO Basics

Definition of SEO

In this post, you will read the definition of SEO by different sites. You can co-relate between them. Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results. — According to Wikipedia. … Read more Definition of SEO

How to be a Master in all Digital Marketing Modules

Digital marketing has many modules inside in it as you would have learned in the previous lesson. And each module is an ocean in itself. As with any topic, the best way to learn something would be to learn a bit of theory first and then practice it. But Digital Marketing is a little different … Read more How to be a Master in all Digital Marketing Modules

What are the Different Modules of Digital Marketing

In previous posts, we learn about digital marketing ad it’s medium. Now it’s time to learn more about it. In this lesson, we are going to learn about the different modules that are involved in the topic of digital marketing. The Modules are – Content Marketing Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) Search Engine Marketing … Read more What are the Different Modules of Digital Marketing

How to Start Learning Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, future of marketing. Most of you want to learn Digital Marketing. Here in this post, you can get to know to how you can learn Digital Marketing or the best ways to learn Digital Marketing. Anyone can Digital Marketing, there is no need of tech background. You can learn digital marketing by self … Read more How to Start Learning Digital Marketing

Future and Opportunities in Digital Marketing

In last post, we have learnt what the digital marketing is? In this post why the Digital Marketing is future Marketing and what are the Opportunities in Digital Marketing. Some time back, 3 – 4 years back from now, people mainly used TV, Radio, used to read newspaper, magazines etc. At that time traditional marketing … Read more Future and Opportunities in Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing

Learn what isnDigital Marketing, Its mediums and why digital marketing is essential nowadays. Tech Blicks | Digital Marketer and Graphic Designer in Chandigarh

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