What is a Web Mail?

Web mail alias web based e-mail services enable you to access your e-mail via web browser. For this you have to register an account in Web mail service with a login name and password. There are many free web based e-mail services available on internet.

Merits and Demerits of using Web Mail
Merits of web based e-mail – You can easily access your mail by any web browser and there is no need of any e-mail software for accessing your mails.
Demerits of web based e-mail – Storage space is limited so are unable to keep all old mails on your server. Free mail services have advertisements and tag line messages. Most of the Web Mail services are using latest Java techniques in their web interface. So that you have to update your browser frequently.

What is an e-mail alias?

An e-mail alias allow you to create multiple e-mail addresses for a domain. e.g. support@yourdomain.com, sales@yourdomain.com, etc. E-mail aliases are sent to a specified POP mail account.

What is an e-mail forwarder?

E-mail forwarders allow you to forward e-mail messages from one e-mail address to another address. e.g. you could forward sales@yourdomain.com to yourname@gmail.com

What is an e-mail autoresponder?

The e-mail autoresponder services send an automatic feedback to the sender. You can configure an autoresponder. So, when a message is sent to an e-mail address, a reply is automatically sent to the sender. A great use of an autoresponder is to inform a sender that you have received their message.

What is the difference between an e-mail forwarder and an e-mail auto responder?

An e-mail forwarder is a special type of e-mail account which simply forwards all e-mail sent to a particular e-mail address @yourdomain.com to a specific POP3 e-mail account. An e-mail auto responder does not forward your incoming mails, instead it grabs the sender’s e-mail address from all incoming e-mail and automatically responds to the e-mail with a predetermined message by you.

An overview of POP3 service

The ability to provide e-mail services to clients includes two critical functions: SMTP and POP3. Together, they provide the services to the clients of sending outgoing mail and checking of new incoming mail, respectively.

POP3 service is the side of e-mail that allows clients to check for new incoming mails delivered to their POP3 e-mail accountsand they can also send mails. POP3 server performs two basic and important functions. First, it authenticates, or identity of those, whom are trying to access certain POP3 accounts via login and password. Secondly, it allows clients to download any new e-mail they may have in their POP3 account(s).

Access to the mail requires authentication, whether in the form of a lock and key or login and password. Once authentication is done, you can access any mail that might exist (in POP3 account).

In order to access the correct POP3 server, configure your e-mail client to access the POP3 (Incoming Mail) Server: mail.yourdomain.com.

What is a POP Mail account?

A POP3 e-mail account is a special kind of e-mail account that comes with a login and password. These kind of e-mail accounts use the Post Office Protocol version 3 (hence the name POP3).
POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol version 3, which is the generally accepted protocol used for authentication and downloading e-mail.

A POP mail account is where all your messages are sent and received from. If you are the only one person who is maintaining the site, 1 POP mail account will do . Lets say you are the webmaster and you have another persons is for support. You can create as many POP mail according to your plan.

What is the difference between POP3 and Forwarding?

POP3 accounts will store your e-mail on our mail server. You are able to configure your mail client to read your mail directly from our mail server.

Forwarding is when our mail server automatically forwards all e-mail received to your local ISP or existing e-mail address. These messages will not be stored on our servers.

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