Mistakes You have to Avoid in Affiliate Marketing

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In previous post, we have know about What is Affiliate Marketing, Cores of Affiliate Marketing, How it works, Where to Start, and Some Mistakes. But now we get to know Some more mistakes and know these mistakes in details which we done while doing Affiliate Marketing.

The Mistakes Affiliate Marketers done in the Beginning will not loss maker. But in Long time run, you have to pay more for influence traffice.

Mistakes you have to Avoid

Choosing a Niche that doesn’t fit you

Affiliate Marketing is a narrow field. It is full of competitors. they also promoting same or identical products like you. It is quite hard to stand out amongst them. You have to devote all of yourself to achieve success un this field. Each single day will be adventurous for you.

Not Having a Website or Blog

Websites and Blogs are like a permanent address of residence that lets your audience visit them at any time they want to know more about your products. Websites and Blogs will become a mediator between products and your audience. Audience will get ease of viewing products and you can earn easily.

Focus on Single Source

focus on a single niche is good. But do not marketing only Single product. I will make you to recommend limited  number people. Earning will be as nice as you want. Always focus on your target audience and market as many products as you can in that niche to build multiple source of incomes.

Wrong Selection of Products

The Right choice of Products will increase your Conversion rates. The poducts you select for marketing will totally depend on audience you target.  The product should be valuable or useful for them. This will directly impact your income, always wisely select your products.

Recommending trustless Products

You have to recommend the products you have trid or you can trust on them. This can build a trust for your audience on you as you are helping your audience. this will directly increase you sales leads and you can earn a good commission.

Ignoring helpful Resources

You are not the only affiliate marketer in the world. There are many people doing the same thing. Many of them are sharing their knowledge and experience with others. Even if you already gain success in this field, never stop learning. Experts advise learning more about affiliate marketing at least half an hour a day. Life Long Learning is good.

Depend on One Traffice Source

Every affiliate marketer understands the quality traffic value. The higher quality traffic means higher conversion rates that award you for your hardworking. Your good quality audience is spread over the internet. You should continue exploring and involve a new quality traffic source for your products.


Don’t Expect to becomea Super Affiliate in first six months.Its take time make a path of Success. I will not happen in just few days, it requires patience. The people who become super affiliate marketers and millionaires in this business are the ones who show the most patience.


Always track your traffic and your conversion rate while doint affiliation. if you don’t know the number of traffic and coversion rate, you can’t increase it.

There are many things to track-

  • Traffic Report
  • Conversion Rate
  • Average Order Value
  • earning per click
  • return of Investment
  • Commssions recieved

You can track them on your site and Affiliate tools provided by Merchant and Network.

Not Building a List

Email marketing is one of the most personal ways to contact your audience. It can help you build a close relationship with them. This is number one mistake in affiliate marketing, listbuilding is the single most important job you have as an affiliate marketer. Building your own list in your niche puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you make multiple offers to your audience. So as soon as you take up affiliate marketing, you should create an email list. To start creating this list, implement email subscription opt-ins on your site.

To gain success in affiliate marketing, you need commitment, passion, knowledge of products and market trends, quality traffic, building relationships with clients, and helpful recommendations. Sometimes affiliate marketers don’t make their business profitable despite offering great products. It happens because they are not aware of the common mistakes in this field. Now you know what are the most common mistakes in affiliate marketing. We are forewarned and so now we will be forearmed.


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