Intrapreneur vs Entrepreneurs

In previous section, we talk all about the entrepreneurs, but know there is a new word intrapreneur. First, we get to know whom are called intrapreneurs. The entrepreneurs whom are emerged from within the organisation are called Intrapreneurs’. Actually, Intrapreneurs are the top executives whom are encouraged by other executives or organisation to catch and hold new ideas to convert them into products.

This concept of Intrapreneurs has become popular in well gained organisation across the world.

Intrapreneur Entrepreneur
1.       An intrapreneur is dependent on the owner.

2.       Funds are not raised by Intrapreneur.

3.       An intrapreneur does not bear the risk involvement in enterprise.

4.       An intrapreneur operates from within the organisation itself.

5.       An intrapreneur does not have the ownership of the new venture.

1.       An entrepreneur is independent in his operations.

2.       Funds are raised by entrepreneur itself.

3.       Entrepreneur himself bears the whole risk involvement in the business.

4.       An entrepreneur operates from outside.

5.       An individual entrepreneur is completely independent and has complete ownership of the new venture established by him



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