Social Media Interview Questions/Answers with Some Tips

social media interview questions answers and some tips

The hiring is Going ON and you’ve been called for the job. Now, problem is you have no idea what social media interview questions they will ask you!

Social Media Marketing has made an instant growth across the globe in a short time duration. Social media can accelerate the momentum of a business’s sales funnel. Companies hire social media executives/managers to look after their social media marketing.

With the following social media marketing interview questions and answers, you will definitely get through that.

Q1. What is Social Media?

Social media refers to the online platforms where people directly connects to other people around the world. There are many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

Q2. Name some social media platforms discussed under SMO?

Some top social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others which are discussed under SMO.

Q3. What is the Importance of Social Media?

Importance of social media lies in its ability to spread information between large number of users and in large demographic at unimagined rate. Social media presents endless possibilities for digital marketers as people from all age groups and demographics connect online on social media channels, making the task of marketing easier.

Q4. Why is Social Media important for Marketing Online?

Due to the huge volume of users on social media, marketing online on social media is practically no-brainer. Most of the social media channels provide in-depth analysis of marketing campaigns, therefore, social media is a great option for online marketing.

Q5. How Social Media Affects SEO?

Social media does not have direct impact on SEO. However, if through social media traffic increases to a website, then, SEO automatically gets a push due to increase in visitors data such as high traffic, low bounce rate, and increased time spent on website.

Q6. What Are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Company?

When done well, social media marketing can help a company to grow at an extraordinary rate. We all see in our day life that how brands use social media to make their content viral. Digital marketers are now make full use of social media, to power a digital marketing campaign for success.

Q7. What is best timings for posting on social media?

As per various studies, the best time to get engage in social media activities is between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. During this time, websites tend to get the highest clicks. However, after 8 p.m. till 8 a.m. is unsuitable time for posting on social media. Generally, Wednesday afternoon is considered as a very good time for posting on social media.

Q8. Why do we Use # Tag?

We use # tag to reach a specific audience by following a specific topic. For example, the # tag ‘#cricket’ will target the cricket fans whom are following #cricket.

If you’re posting something related to a niche, then, using a # tag is good option to make sure the post reaches the targeted audience.

Q9. What do you mean by Facebook edge rank?

EdgeRank is the Facebook’s very own algorithm. This algorithm evaluates which articles and content should be displayed to a particular user’s Facebook feed.

However, in 2011, Facebook discontinued using EdgeRank and switched to another machine learning algorithm which consider over 100,000 factors.

Q10. How to create a page on Facebook?

To create a page on Facebook, the following steps have to follow:

  • Go to
  • Click on Pages
  • Click Create page
  • Fill out the necessary information

Q11. How to promote a business on Facebook?

There are a number of ways for promoting a business on Facebook. The first ideal step is to create a Facebook Page of business. By posting useful and relevant content, a brand can build an audience through a Facebook page.

Secondly, as a brand, one can create a closed group to interact with user, because Facebook groups are great for user engagement. Other mediums of posting on Facebook are going on Facebook Live, which have further enhanced the social experience of browsing on Facebook.

Another way of promoting a business on Facebook is targeted ads. Facebook allows advertisers to choose from a variety of options for targeting, i.e. Age Group, Demographic, Interests etc., to target an ad.

Q12. How to Increase likes for a Facebook page?

The proven way of increasing likes are running Facebook ads which have a wide reach. Other organic ways of increasing likes are inviting people to like a page, creating quality content, etc.

Q13. How can someone add Facebook Page plugin on their Website?

To add a Facebook plugin on your website, visit Facebook Developers portal. Facebook offers to choose from a variety of plugins, all differing in size, shape, and design. Using code from the Developer’s page, one can add any plugin on their website.

Q14. What is the difference in a Facebook profile, page and groups?

Facebook profile belongs to an individual. However, Facebook page is more like a fan page of a brand where they update people about their business. And Facebook group is for dedicated prospects and customers, who wish to go into details about a particular brand or industry. A Facebook group can be made private, while a Facebook page is open to all.

Q15. How to join a Facebook groups and promote your business?

After recent updates, even Facebook Pages can join Groups on Facebook. Earlier, only individuals could join Groups. To join a group, go to the group page and click ‘Join Group’ button. If the group is private, you will need to first ask permission from the group admin.

To promote a business on a Facebook Group, a brand should engage with other group members and not advertise openly. Groups are often personable communities, so, to promote a business, a brand should develop its presence by providing useful insights on main topic of the group, create useful and relevant content, and then finally wait for group members to be stimulated and become interested in the brand

Q16. How can one Earn Money through Facebook?

Following are the ways to earn money through Facebook

  • By selling products through Facebook page.
  • Working as freelance Facebook marketer. The job description includes analyzing client’s Facebook data and making strategies for further improve performance.
  • Create trendy and attractive content to increase following and become an influencer. Most popular social media influencers first create quality content from their niche and then working with bigger brands as social media influencers.
  • By joining affiliate marketing groups, anyone can earn quick money from Facebook by working as an affiliate for companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, and others.

Q17. Why is Twitter important?

Twitter is important because of its ability to spread ideas and one’s point of views in less than 280 characters. Twitter is a very powerful medium for brand promotion. Users having a short attention span, a small and sharp message on Twitter works, which can be spread quickly across a large volume of people.

Q18. How to Create a Twitter Business Page?

Twitter does not offer to create special pages like Facebook. Like individual users, brands can create their own Twitter Handle using their brand name and grow their following.

Q19. How can one can Increase Twitter Followers?

One can increase Twitter following by posting useful and relevant content, reaching out to brands from same niche, using # tags in posts to reach a wider audience. Also, by running a followers campaign (Paid Promotion).

Q20. How to run a Followers Campaign on Twitter?

A brand can run a Followers Campaign on Twitter by following steps below:

  • Sign into Twitter account
  • Go to Twitter Ads
  • Click ‘Create New Campaign’ and select Followers
  • Type the name for the campaign
  • Schedule the campaign time and select your target audience
  • Set a budget
  • Write a tweet for ad viewers to read. Tweet should ideally represent your brand’s vital attributes

Q21. How can one Earn Money through YouTube?

Earning money through YouTube is very straightforward.  Create quality content and monetize videos by using Google AdSense.

YouTube’s monetization has help many talented people around the world, while opening up an additional way of income for brands.

Once a creator on YouTube meets the minimum criteria for applying monetization, he/she can apply for Google AdSense. Based on the content of the video and the demographic of the viewers, Google chooses certain ads to run and creator earn a certain amount of money.

Q22. What metrics you consider to measure the performance of social media campaigns?

  • Reach
  • Number of views, likes, comments and shares
  • Number of profile visits
  • Rise in number of followers
  • Traffic
  • Lead generation
  • Account Creation
  • Query form submission

Q22. How should one generate more engagement and retweets on Twitter?

One can generate more engagement and retweets by learning the best times to tweet, which helps to connect more Twitter users. We must ensure that the best practices of tweeting are followed, which includes having a maximum of 140 characters in tweets along with relevant images and hashtags.

Q23. How can you handle negative comments on social media?

By following the steps below, one can deal with negative comments on social media

  • Respond quickly: The first 24 hours are crucial for responding to the negative comments. Justify the brand and company, or apologize
  • Create FAQs: You can create a list of FAQs to address the common complaints, queries, posted by the customers
  • No third replies: Never reach a point where the brand responds for the 3rd time on a negative comment which looks like an argument. Take the conversation offline hereafter

Tips for preparing social media interview

Here are some useful tips for preparing social media interview.

  1. Read a lot

Read some popular blogs and articles on social media marketing. Understand the basic concepts and fundamentals of social media marketing on your fingertips before your interview.

  1. Go through Company’s Strategy

Before going to interview, check out all the social media pages of the company. Understand the kind of posts they are posting currently. Analyze their social media marketing strategies and make a list of things you can do to improve it.

  1. Try Social Media Marketing Tools

Do a hands-on training on various social media marketing tools. You may be asked to list tools interview that you have used. You must be able to narrate the steps of campaign creation and tracking performance.

  1. Consult a social media marketer

Reach and talk to your friends, seniors, colleagues whom are working in the field of social media marketing to understand what a social media marketer does. This will help you to answer the interviewer from an employee’s perspective.


Have any other question in your mind, which may helpful for other to prepare for their job interview. You can submit them through the form below.


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