Digital Marketing Interview Questions/Answers with Some Tips

Digital marketing is one of the fields which is growing rapidly and will dominate in coming years. Digital Marketing will generate good job opportunities in upcoming years. All you have to search for a good opportunity and prepare well for your interview. Now, you must be thinking about the questions regarding digital marketing that can be asked to you at interview.

With the following digital marketing interview questions and answers, you will definitely get through that.

 Q1. What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing refers to a technique or an art of influencing people or getting customers towards your business or products via online or by digital mediums. These mediums are primarily driven by the internet.

Q2. What is another name of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is also referred to as Internet Marketing and Online Marketing.

Q3. What are the different modules of Digital Marketing?

Different modules of digital marketing are

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

Q4. What is the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing?

Traditional Marketing refers to promotion and advertisement in which companies market their product by newspaper advertising, billboards, flyers, print advertisements and TV ads etc.

Digital marketing is focused towards reaching your right audience, which solves the critical problem faced in traditional marketing. Digital marketing is a type of marketing done online. Digital marketing examples are SEO, SEM and SMM etc.

Q5. Explain Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization refers to the collection of techniques and practices which are used to get more organic and free traffic on your website from search engines.

Q6. Define SERP.

SERP is abbreviation used for Search Engine Result Page. SERP is a page of a search engine which display the results in response to the user’s query.

Q7. What are the two components of SEO?

Two main components of SEO are On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

Q8. Explain On page and Off page SEO.

On-Page SEO is basically signals sent by webmasters to search engines. These signals ensure not just quality of search results but also make sure they are relevant to the search terms used. On page SEO factors are page load speed, Meta tags, URL, content, heading, internal links etc.

Off-Page SEO is any sort of optimization that is done outside of your website. The factors included in Off page SEO are backlinks, social shares, user behavior etc.

Q9. What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing refers to practices which are used on search engine to increase traffic to a website. These practices are mainly paid.

Q10. Explain Social Media Optimization?

Social media optimization refers to increase your reach on social media channels to market a particular brand, product, or service by optimizing your social media handles in various ways.

Q11. Define Blogging and also state its purpose.

Blogging refers to practice of writing content about a particular topic(s), event or any other thing. From a digital marketer’s point of view, blog is a platform where they can showcase their personal insights/views in front of the world about digital marketing or any other field of interest.

Q12. What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing refers to sending a commercial message to a group of people using email. These emails are sent to potential or current clients to generate leads.

Q13. What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a module of digital marketing which deals with the promotion of brands, products and services on the multiple channels suitable for mobile.

Q14. What is the difference between a post and page?

Posts are for timely content. Posts are blog content listed in a reverse chronological order and listed on your blog page.

Pages are static type content such as about page, contact page, etc. Pages are timeless entities.

Q15. Explain what keyword in digital marketing is?

Keywords are basically terms that we send to a search engine when we’re Searching for answers, knowledge, products, or services. Keywords are core of SEO and SEM. Keywords are most important part of SEO.

Q16. Why should we do keyword research?

Keyword research becomes an essential part of creating content because by targeting specific keywords, we indicate search engine crawlers that the content related those keywords are on our website. This increase the chances of getting high traffic on our form search engines like Google.

Q17. Explain the difference between Long Tail and Short Tail keywords?

Keywords which are longer than three words are referred as long tail keywords and short tail keywords refer to keywords having at the most three words. Long tail keywords are easier to rank higher on Google because they tend to have less competition and, while short tail keywords gets high traffic and therefore they are more difficult to rank high on search results.

Q18. Mention where you can use keywords to improve your site ranking?

To improve your website ranking, you must use the keywords in following areas/aspects:

  • Website URL
  • Website Title
  • Meta tags
  • Page content
  • Headlines

Q19. What is PPC or Pay Per Click advertising?

Pay Per Click advertising is also known as Cost Per Click advertising. It is a technique used to direct traffic to websites with ads published on different websites and paid to publishers or website owners

Q20. What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertisement platform by Google to display advertisements online on Google search results page or any other webpage.

Q21. How are the bad links characterized?

Bad links have characteristics like:

  • From websites that are not related to your sites
  • From Low Pagerank and Low traffic websites
  • Links from link exchanges
  • With same anchor texts links coming from multiple websites
  • From those sites which are not indexed on Google
  • Blogs or articles spammy links
  • Paid links

Q22. What is the best way to get a natural backlink?

For a newly launched website, chances of getting natural links are almost zero. Still, you can get a natural backlink by writing guest posts on reputable websites in your niche. The important is that you must do it only for reputed websites.

Q23. What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is capable of adjusting its layout according to the orientation and viewport size of the device. Content on webpage which is presented on the small screens and big screens will be same but with a different layout that offers best experience over the display size.

Q24. What are the most effective ways to increase traffic to your website?

The most effective ways to increase traffic to your website are-

  • Paid search
  • Display advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Writing effective headlines
  • SEO
  • Target long-tail keywords
  • Guest blogging
  • Posting content on LinkedIn
  • Internal Linking
  • Email marketing

Q25. What are the different types of SEO?

White hat SEO – It is the most popular type of SEO where we use methods and techniques to improve search engine rankings of a site without breaking search engine guidelines and rules. White hat SEO includes high-quality content, link acquisition, website optimization and restructuring.

Black hat SEO – With black hat SEO, we exploits the various loopholes in the search engines algorithms to get high rankings. The Black hat SEO is not in according to SEO guidelines set by search engines. Some of the black hat SEO techniques are keyword stuffing, link spam, hidden text and hidden link. Using these techniques, you can get unpredictable results in rankings.

Grey hat SEO – Grey hat SEO is combination of black and white hat SEO. It is a transformation from black SEO techniques to white SEO techniques and vice versa.

Q26. What is the limit for the characters in Google Ads?

Headline and sub-headline should not be more than 30 characters and description should be within 90 characters.

Q27. What is the use of anchor tag in SEO?

The anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink. The words in the anchor text can determine the page ranking in search engines.

Q28. What is Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project of Twitter and Google to make fast pages only for mobiles. AMP is an open-source library which helps in creating a lightweight and fast loading mobile webpage.

Q29. Mention some bidding options.

  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Thousand Impressions(CPI)
  • Cost Per Action/Acquisition (CPA)

Q30. Why should you use YouTube for Digital Marketing?

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet. On YouTube, we can do Video marketing. With videos, we can present a better picture of brand, which will help us to boost SEO traffic, expand social reach, create brand awareness and improve the ROI.

Q31. What is the difference between No-follow and Do-follow links in SEO.

No-follow links instructs search engines crawlers to not include the target URL in the search engine index. It prevents the link juice of your website.

Do-follow links allow search engines crawlers to follow them and reach target URL, giving link juice to the link.

Q32. Difference page views and sessions. 

A session is a single visit of user to your website but pageviews represent the individual time a page on your website is loaded by a User. A single Session can include many pageviews, if a user navigates to other webpages of your website without leaving.

Q33. List some latest Digital Marketing trends?

Here are some Digital Marketing trends

  • Voice Search
  • Chat box
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing
  • Live Videos
  • Engagement-Based Email Marketing
  • Browser Push Notifications
  • Content Personalization


Tips for preparing digital marketing interview

Here are some useful tips for preparing your digital marketing interview.

  1. Read a lot

Read some popular blogs and articles on digital marketing, strategies and some case studies. Understand the basic concepts and fundamentals of digital marketing on your fingertips before your interview.

  1. Go through Company’s Strategy

Before going to interview, check out all the online presence of the company. Understand the kind of posts they are posting on their website and social media handles currently. Analyze their digital marketing strategies and make a list of things you can do to improve it.

  1. Try Digital Marketing Tools

Do a hands-on training on various digital marketing tools. You may be asked to list tools interview that you have used. You must be able to narrate the steps of campaign creation and tracking performance.

  1. Consult a digital marketer

Reach and talk to your friends, seniors, colleagues whom are working in the field of digital marketing to understand what a digital marketer does. This will help you to answer the interviewer from an employee’s perspective.


Have any other question in your mind, which may helpful for other to prepare for their job interview. You can submit them through the form below.

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