In this post, we will have a look at the various terms and definitions in Analytics. Some of the terms are similar and often confusion. I have shared some examples for better understanding.

List of Most Important Terms in Analytics

    1. Annotations
    2. Attributions
    3. Bounce Rate
    4. Conversion Rate
    5. User
    6. Page View
    7. Session
    8. Channel
    9. Medium
    10. Source
    11. Pages/Session
    12. Entrances
    13. %Exit



These are notes that helps understand traffic pattern.



Understanding the source of Sales and Revenue. Attribution is mainly classified into first click and last click attribution.

Take an Example that you are getting link clicks from various sources like 20 from Facebook, 10 from Twitter, 10 from Instagram, 15 from google and after end of the day you get 25 sales.

You have to find out from where thses sales come from. If you are getting 15 sales out of 25 from facebook and 5 from google and 5 from twitter. Now you can know from where you getting good ROI and in future where you have to focus.

Tech Blicks

Bounce Rate

Percentage of people who visits on one of the web pages of your website and then leaves the website without clicking anywhere else on your website. ie. Single Page visitors.


Conversion Rate

The number of people who converted on your website i.e Fill out a form or perform a predefined action divided by the number of people who visited your website.



Number of unique visitors who visits your webiste are Users. When the same visitor, who visits your website on different days using same device will count as a single user.


Page View

When Someone opens a Webpage and Google Analytics tracks that. When the same visitor come back again or refresh the webpage, Google Analytics even count that. A Single user can have  page views in a single session.



A visit by a unique visitor in a browser for 30 mins. When someone visits to my website in once atime in morning and once in evening then it will count 2 sessions.



The specified URL from which the traffic has originated from. For Ex – Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.



Every referral to a website has a medium. Possible mediums are: Organic (unpaid), CPC (Paid), referral, email etc.



Default group of traffic sources with with multiple similar mediums. For Ex- Medium could be Social/social media or Oragic/search engines.



Number of pages visited on website on average per session in the given time.



Number of times visitors entered to your website through a specified page or set of pages.



Number of  exits/ Number of Pageviews for the page or set of pages. It indicates how often users exits from the page and set of pages when the view the page.