Importance of Web Hosting in SEO


There are a lot of things on which your websites’ ranking in search results depend and Web Hosting is one of them.

Here in this article, you will learn about the importance of web hosting in SEO and how it affects both the quality and reputation of your website.

Important of Web Hosting in SEO

For SEO of your website, you have followed all the available and best SEO strategies, still didn’t get enough good position in search results.

Now, you’re frustrated about that after following all possible solutions, you’re not getting results.

Let me tell you that web hosting from a bad provider causes your website to go through several problems related to instability and downtime. Due to all these, ends up with lose of all the advantages obtained with SEO.

Webpage and hosting speed can be a great advantage in SEO, especially when you want to do on-page SEO. Below, we listed some issues you can face with your web hosting.

Fast Loading

If you see and talk about the speed of loading the site, or you can say how much time it takes to load. There are two points around loading time to be consider:

  • Developement – How the website is developed, use of images, CSS, and many other things.
  • Web Host – Web host provider we choose.

Now, The development of the website is perfect, so it means issue is with the server, how much time it take for content processing and quality of the link.

Site Uptime

Stability is one of that you want on a website and it is the server on which the website is host ensures that this is accomplished.

A slight variation or the slight downtime in server causes website to remain offline for several minutes every month, which means a series of lose of visitors and can affect your revenue.

Storage Capacity

Requirement of Storage space can vary widely between different types of businesses and websites. You need to forecast your needs for storage space required, so you don’t have to overpay or run out of storage space.

Data Security

One of the main issues involved in choosing a hosting service is Data Security. You’re delivering important information, as well as your company’s reputation.

In addition of these, a lot of your customers’ data may be available on your website and you need to choose a hosting provider that has the competence to handle them correctly.

Service Price

Yes, price matters a lot and plays as a important factor in your choice, but you don’t have to comply with the quality of service offered.

Is Web Hosting Really Important for SEO?

Good web hosting is corespondent to performance, security, and, consequently, which is really essential for your website to have, especially with regard to search engines. See how each aspect that a good hosting contributes to your website:

  • Security: Security certificate and downtime of a website has a great influence SEO
  • Performance: With less time needed to load the website has a great advantage in SEO
  • UX: Higher the conversion rate and the number of accesses, there is a consequent increase in the number of sales and more movement on your site, the more it is in a better search position.

Currently, there are so many companies providing web hosting for websites, both national and international. So, no doubt that there are plenty of options, but you must be very careful while choosing the best services for your website.

When choosing, don’t forget the tips in this article, and keep in mind that hosting is very important for SEO.

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