Short Guide to YouTube SEO

Short Guide to YouTube SEO

Mostly Digital marketers focuses on blogging, SEO, AdWords and Facebook ads for driving traffic on their website. But, you forget about the second biggest search engine: YouTube. If you done it in right way, you can get the benefits of video marketing as well as get higher search engine rankings.

In this post, you can get to know how you can optimize your YouTube videos so you can attract more users and put it at the top of the funnel by improving your SEO rankings.

Facts about Video Marketing

Video has become prominent as one of the top mediums of marketing for digital marketers, and with good reasons – it’s digestible. Consider the following facts, I have get these facts from a study of YouTube SEO:

  • A Video in e-mail can lead to a 200-300% increase in CTR (click-through rate)
  • Inclusion of a video on a landing page can increase your conversions by 80%
  • More than 70% of B2B companies that do video marketing sees significant ROI (Return of Investment) from it
  • More than 80% of traffic on Internet will come from video by 2020
  • When you hear something three days later, you only remember 10% of the information, but if it is in video format, you will remember 65% of it
  • Product sales videos increase rate of purchase by more than 60%

How to Grow Your YouTube SEO

You can grow your YouTube SEO in two ways. The first way is by improving your search rankings within the YouTube and the other is improving the rank of your YouTube video in Google.

Keyword Research

You have to rank your video, but before this, you need to find out the search terms on you want to rank your video.

When search YouTube SEO keywords, choose a search term that already has YouTube video results on the first page of Google.

Some keywords, such as “Keyword Strategy”, don’t have YouTube videos in the SERPs. Google provides video results for the following search terms:

  • How-to keywords
  • Review of products or services
  • Tutorials
  • Fitness or sports related keywords
  • Funny videos

Make sure that you choose a search term that actually results YouTube videos in the SERPs, you can work in your way to get your video ranked in Google search, not just for YouTube search. is a keyword research tool that you can use to quickly generate YouTube-specific keyword ideas. You can search any keywords that ranks YouTube videos on the front page of Google to see what people are looking for. tools is paid and if you don’t want to pay for the monthly subscription plan, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner to check your search volume. Make sure that your target keyword should get at least 300 searches per month so that you can get a good amount of searches on YouTube in addition to Google.

Creating Your Video

You find out your right keywords to rank for, the next step is creating your video.

Users come to YouTube with the purpose of watching videos, so the quality of production of videos becomes more important. Following are key elements for producing great YouTube videos:

  • Storytelling/writing
  • Editing
  • Composition


Many videos on internet are lack of good storytelling. Some businesses believes that their products or services are too “boring” for them to make an interesting stories about them in video, but they don’t know that with a little creativity, you’ll always able to create interesting content for a boring product or business.

Remember when you were in school or college? You probably had a teacher who made the dullest subject attractive. It just depends on how you tell a story.


Editing of video is one the most frustrating and time-consuming part of video production, but also the most important because this separates the quality videos from the horrible videos. Once you’ve written your script, you should write off all the unnecessary content that isn’t directly related to the story you want to tell. Then after shooting the video, cut everything out that isn’t necessary in the video. This is the step where you’ll really start to put the story together through pacing, points of view, etc. You can also hire a videographer to do the work for you.

Good production quality is all about making your video interesting to engage more users with it.


To showcase your awesome video creation skills, learn how to storyboard your idea. More complex is your idea, the more attention you will need to pay to composition. To storyboard like a pro, you need to understand composition and for this, you should familiar with the rule of thirds: This “guideline proposes that an image should be imagined as divided into nine equal parts by two equally spaced horizontal lines and vertical lines and that important compositional elements should be placed along these lines or their intersections.” When you follow these guidelines, it helps to create “more tension, energy and interest in the composition than simply centering the subject.” Just ask Spielberg.

Understand YouTube Analytics

YouTube uses few specific criteria to measure the quality of your video and also used to rank your video. The main ones are:

  • Video retention: How much time or duration people watch your video before they bounce to another one? The longer they watch, the better it is.
  • Comments: If users leaves lots of comments on video, then chances are the video is striking a chord with people.
  • Subscription rate: If people subscribe to your YouTube channel after watching your video that shows that you have a high-quality video.
  • Watch later:  If a huge number of people adds your video to their Watch later, also shows that video generates interest in them.

You can track all of these data on your YouTube analytics page.

How to Optimize Your Video for YouTube SEO

Before optimizing your YouTube video for the best possible SEO ranking, you have to remember few things in your mind.


When you upload an image on your website, you include your focus keyword in the image alt tag and image name. Similarly, when you upload your video on YouTube, you should use your keywords in the filename of the video.

Video title

You should write your title of at least 5 words so that you can include your target keyword. For example, this video called “How to Activate MS-Office” targets the keywords “Activate MS-Office.”


Most important part of YouTube SEO is Good Description. Whenever you write blog posts on your site, Google can crawl the post to determine the content quality, but when we come to videos, crawlers can’t watch videos. Yes, because of you need to write good description for letting the crawlers what the video’s topic is, what it covers, and how in-depth it is.

More the YouTube knows about your video and the keywords description holds, video will rank better for those keywords. Description of video should be at least of 200 words.

You can also includes the link to the site at the very top in description. It helps you in maximize the number of clicks to your site, which helps you get more visitors as well as grow your website SEO.


Inclusion of right tags will help you to improve the ranking. However tags are less important than other factors like the description.

In tags, you should include few keywords about your video. These tags can help your video to get discovered in YouTube’s side bar under “related videos” section.

Encourage People to Share and Subscribe

Encouraging your viewers on YouTube to share the video with their friends which will shows Google that you’re producing something that people like.

YouTube also uses UX (user experience) signals to rank videos. So if viewers subscribe to your channel after viewing the video, it signals that you produced some quality content. People liking your videos is another metric for measuring user experience, although that has less significance than number of “subscribes.”

Create Keyword-rich Playlists

To get more search traffic in YouTube, grouping of videos into playlists is a great idea. If you build a keyword-rich playlist, you give YouTube one more way of understanding of your video. Once you publish at least 10 videos on YouTube, you should group them into playlists.

Promoting Your Video

Methods used for ranking your video higher in search are somewhat similar to the methods used for a blog post, like Link building, connecting with right people, and asking them to share your content, all are important.

You can write posts on sites like Medium or answer the questions on Quora, linking back to your video where it is appropriate. You can link your video in response to a question on Quora related to what you have cover in your video.

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