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Over the time passes, companies across all the industries get digitized their work process and operations. Now, companies are employing AI (Artificial Intelligence) in operations and supplies. So, in present time, you as jobseeker have to stand out of the crowd with specialized skills.

As a result, some of the Colleges and Universities have updated there curriculum as per the industry’s growing demand and some are still struggling to provide the essential skills to students.

Here in this article, know about the 7 digital marketing skills that meet the industry need and you can get employment easily.

Social Media Marketing

Can you guess how much active users are on social media, not only in your region, country, in worldwide? You know there are more than 2.6 billion active users on social media worldwide. Due to this huge figure, social media marketing is one of the most digital marketing skills.

Main work of social media marketing professional is to understand the core skills of social media platforms and how to utilize them effectively. Social media marketing is not just tweeting on Twitter or updating posts on Facebook, it’s more than these things. You have to make a good relation of your or company’s brand with influencers and consumers. In simple words, you have to make reach to consumers in a way that you convert them into potential consumers.

Today, Social media is the main source of communication and sharing information brand, influencers and consumers.

Search Engine Marketing

Far off social media marketing, search engine marketing is the most dominant specialty between digital marketers. According to Google, SEM accounts more than 70% of daily traffic.

Search engine marketer increases the visibility of a company’s website and attracts potential traffic on it via search engines with paid advertising. They spend a huge time on optimizing the websites and ad campaigns to get high conversion rate. For Ecommerce companies SEM are very important because it helps them to stand out their brand from the competition online. Therefore, Job seekers have a working knowledge on search engine marketing to get the job easily.

Content Marketing

Content is in many forms – It can be a blog post, video, podcast series, infographic, or your social media updates.

Marketers optimizes website’s keywords and ad campaigns, but you know Content is still King. To drive the traffic whether it is from social media, search engines or any other source, you need content, without it can you drive? A big No from my side!! Content is most important for building brand. You don’t only need to create content but creating the content that is relevant to the keyword research.


Email is a form of marketing directly to end user. It is an effective and tested method to generate and preserve leads. From a small startup to a big multi-national corporations, uses email for launching many successful campaigns.

Email marketing is an art in itself. Don’t make any mistakes and plan each funnel carefully. From first welcome email to emails at every step needs to be optimized to attract and hold the users and engagement.


According to some recent reports, around two-thirds of the world’s population are using mobile phones and around 55% of all the active internet connections come from smartphones. Traffic from desktop is exceeds by smartphones and that clearly indicates that the future is mobile.

Google has created a tool to check the mobile friendliness, usability and speed of your website on mobiles. After the latest search algorithm updates, in which google ranks different ranking for desktop and mobiles and as stated in above lines, mobile is future, so to get stand out and get a job easily you have to know how to optimize campaigns and increase user experience effectively to get better results.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

PPC is a popular way to get traffic quickly from search engines. Big brands and Companies have a huge budget, from with they can rank their search result on Google’s first page easily, and get huge search engine traffic. One of the most popular PPC advertising model is Google’s AdWords program.

For getting the job in PPC, you must have a clear understanding of what the impressions, reach, cost-per-click, and click-through-rates means. How to optimize the CPC, CTR and other things.


On Internet, video has evolved just as a form of entertainment on YouTube and other sites and now it becomes a major social media content driver. Snapchat, a video sharing based social media platform has become more popular and now Facebook and Instagram also launched the feature of sharing videos as stories.

Video is an entertaining and appealing than a blog post. With the combination of video and digital marketing strategies, brands can engage consumers easily.

Pankul Bindal

Pankul Bindal is Digital Marketer, Graphic Designer and Programmer. He has completed his Computer Engineering. His passion is to write blogs, Designing and Digital Marketing. He works for many Companies in his freelancing Career.


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