Digital Marketing Acronyms

What is a digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is in which we do Marketing of products and services using digital technologies on digital platform, like Internet, also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

What is Acronym?

An acronym is a word which is used as an abbreviation, which is mainly formed from the initial components in a phrase or a word, usually individual letters (as in SEO or FB).


Digital Marketing Acronyms

SEM – Search engine marketing

SEO – Search engine optimisation

SERP – Search engine results page

SM – Social media

SMM – Social media Marketing

SMO – Social media optimisation

SMS – Short message service

AOL – America Online

ASP – Application Service Provider

B2B – Business to Business

B2C – Business to Consumer

CLV – Customer lifetime value

CMS – Content Management System

CPA – Cost Per Action

CPC – Cost Per Click

CPL – Cost Per Lead

CPV – Cost per view

CR – Conversion Rate

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

CX – Customer experience

CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization

CSS – Cascading Style Sheets

CTA – Call To Action

CTR – Click-Through Rate

DA – Domain Authority

DNS – Domain Name System

EPC – Earnings Per Click

FB – Facebook

FTP – File Transfer Protocol

GA – Google Analytics

IBL – Inbound Link

IM – Instant Messaging

KPI – Key Performance Indicator

LPO – Landing Page Optimization

MSN – Microsoft Network

PA – Page Authority

AJAX – Asynchronous Javascript and XML

API – Application program interface

AVO – Average order value

ASP – Application service provider

DM – Direct mail

DR – Direct response

ESP – Email service provider

FTP – File transfer protocol

HTML – HyperText Markup Language

HTTP – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

HTTPS – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure

IM – Instant Messaging

IMAP – Internet Message Access Protocol

IP – Intellectual property

ISP – Internet service provider

KPI – Key performance indicator

OS – Operating system (Someyimes for Open Source)

POS – Point of sale

OR Code – Quick response code

RFI – Request for information

RFP – Request for proposal

ROI – Return on investment

RSS – Really Simple Syndication

RTB – Real time bidding

S2S – Server to server

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer

TLD – Top level domain

UI – User interface

URL – Uniform resource locator

UV – Unique visitor

UX – User experience

XML – Extensible Markup Language

WP  – WordPress

WWW – World Wide Web

Y! –  Yahoo!


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