Cryptocurrencies – Unique ways to spend it in 2022

A cryptocurrency is a purely digital form of currency. Crypto is not issued by any centralised figure such as banks or governments. All cryptocurrencies work through distributed ledger technology, typically known as the blockchain. In today’s world now more than ever cryptocurrencies are gaining massive popularity. This is causing many people to start investing in it. You may be here after you heard one of your colleagues started buying cryptocurrencies and making a profit from them. But you should know before investing in crypto, its value and where can you spend this new earned currency. This article will help you find the most astonishing uses of cryptocurrencies.

Eight amazing uses of cryptocurrencies


1. Gamble with it

Cryptocurrency has gained so much trust lately that many online casinos have now introduced cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. Here is a list of the best crypto casinos that are accepting cryptocurrencies as of now:

  • Bit Starz
  • King Billy
  • Casino Friday
  • 7 signs casino
  • Playamo
  • Fortune Jack
  • Katsubet
  • 7 Bit Casino

2. Save money with it

Remember the time when you had to send money to someone abroad, remember how much money the traditional ways such as a bank, Paypal, etc sucked from you? But with crypto coins such as:

  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Stellar (XLM)
  • Bitcoin cash (BCH)

It is possible to send money internationally and domestically without a or very low fee compared to traditional ways.

3. Use it for anonymous transactions.

Privacy is our topmost priority in today’s world. Everything you say, hear, learn, want has become public knowledge due to the advancement of technology and we can not stop it easily. Even the transaction you make online is not secured. By using cryptocurrencies you can make sure there are no privacy breaches. This is possible because there is no third party or middlemen like the bank in between you and the receiver of the money.

4. Preserve your money

We all know how inflation is making a hole in our pockets. But there is a ray of hope for us with cryptocurrencies. If we use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. we can control the damaging effect of inflation. With crypto, there are no possibilities of creating more currency with time. Thus the risk of inflation becomes virtually none.

5. World Tour

Cryptocurrencies are now being accepted in many countries like- Morocco, Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mexico, United States, etc. in addition to this, travel agencies like CheapAir, BTC Trip, Destinia, etc. have started accepting Cryptocurrencies to book a world tour.

6. Buy Fuel

Love long drives? No need to answer that we know you do but as you know long drives mean trouble when fuel gets low. And being low on cash is not something unique during filling the gas up in a station. This is very troublesome. Now with crypto, your problems can just disappear! There are many companies like CoinFuel. They allow you to buy gift cards with your crypto coins and exchange them for fuel at a gas station.

7. Enjoy shopping

Shopping with crypto has become easier than ever because major companies like these are accepting bitcoins and other cryptos:

  • Microsoft
  • Fast Food Joints (like-Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, The Habit Burger Grill, etc.)eBay
  • Starbucks, Whole Food Markets
  • New Egg
  • Tesla (Temporarily not accepting)
  • Cocacola
  • Lolli, Home Depot

8. Buy a Racing Car

Who says money can not buy happiness? When the happiness comes from driving really fast cars then you can buy it with cryptocurrency! There is a website named Delouvois. You can buy all kind of luxury products from them including cars like Lamborghini with cryptocurrency. A Lamborghini costs approximately 9.7 Bitcoins only! That’s not just it, Tesla cars will also sell you cars in exchange for crypto coins. Unfortunately, they have paused this scheme temporarily due to environmental reasons. But according to experts, they are sure to start accepting crypto again.

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