5G Wireless Technology- How it is Going to Change Our Lives Forever

5G technology is our gateway to the future. 5G is the latest 5th generation mobile network. It is a brand new global wireless standard. The true motive behind creating the 5G network is to enable us to connect to a new kind of network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, devices, and us.

5G wireless technology is always in the news for its extraordinary features like higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra-low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and a more uniform user experience to more users. There is no room for doubt that 5g is going to change our lives drastically. Let’s dive right into this article where we will explain how it’s going to affect our lives, will it be good or bad.

5g technology

How Will 5G Affect You?

There is no doubt that 5G is going to be a revolutionary change in our lives. But is it going to be a bad change or a good? This question has been troubling the whole world for quite some time. The answer to it is simple, if the positive elements outweigh the negative ones then it’s a good change or vice versa.

The Good Changes


With 5G technology, the entertainment industry will change forever. With 5G we will experience high internet speeds which we never imagined being true. This simply means zero buffering time for Netflix, YouTube, Prime Videos, etc. Videos will load instantly without any lag. If you are a hard-core gamer you probably already have faced the ping issue, so there’s no need for me to explain to you. We will also be able to play games with lower ping and lag-free.

Let’s get more technical, because of 5G technology, games will become just a huge application of Cloud Processing. Games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto will start working on this principle. This allows us to play heavy games on our phones without using our CPU power. All the rendering and processing will be done remotely and not on your smartphone.


Smart Home

5G will make our dream of a smart home come true. With 5G and newfound high internet speed, we will be finally able to make our house and apartments fully automatic. The doors, windows, light bulbs, switchboards, etc. will all become able to be operated with our single command lag-free. This technology is available even now but to a limited end but with 5G we can expect smart homes to appear everywhere at very cheap rates. With 5G we will have a wider bandwidth that will help the Internet and devices to communicate with each other easily and quickly, leading to not just smart homes but also smart cities.

smart home/house

Good News for the Global Economy

5G is driving the next major global growth. 5G’s full economic effect will likely be revealed across the globe by 2035. By doing thorough research on 5G we have found that:

  1. 5G is capable of $13.1 Trillion of global economic output.
  2. With the rollout of 5G, we are expecting 22.8 Million new jobs will be created.
  3. A total of $265 Billion global 5G CAPEX and R&D will be generated annually over the next 15 years.


Virtual, Augmented Reality, and 3D

5G rollout is promising an immersive experience for users who use virtual & augmented reality and 3D content. Both AR and VR users will see a revolution as the new 5G technology will have features like- low latency, high reliability, and high bandwidth. Most VR headsets face the problem of slow internet speeds, high Ping, and frequent lags. All these will be corrected by using 5G.



The Bad Changes

Initial Rollout Costs are Way Too High

Implementation of 5G tech is not going to be as easy as it sounds. It will require new infrastructures like buildings, towers, power stations, etc. these all are estimated to cost billions worldwide. Each country will have to cut budgets to implement this new 5G technology.

High cost

5G Will Drain Quite a Lot of Battery

Mobile phones, laptops, VR headsets, etc. running on the new 5G technology will drain a lot of battery compared to the available 4G technology. It will drastically increase the global power consumption rate. While researching we also found complaints from users that alongside the depleted batteries cell phones get increasingly hot when operating on 5G.

battery low

Upload & Download Speeds

Recent studies and speed tests performed on the brand new 5G technology have shown that the upload and download speeds of the network do not match. The Download speeds reach up to 1.9GBPS while the Upload speeds linger at only 100MBPS.

Internet speed

Medical Reasons

The fifth-generation, 5G, of radiofrequency (RF) radiation is about to be implemented globally without investigating the risks to humans, other wild animals, and the environment. In 2017, an appeal was made to the European Union (EU) endorsed by more than 390 scientists and medical doctors, for potential negative consequences of 5G but this request has not been acknowledged by the EU.



The fifth-generation (5G) technology is a life-changing discovery. Whether this technology is a boon or omen for us and the surrounding environment depends on the facts mentioned above. We leave the decision to you.

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