Benefits of digital marketing for SMEs

 If at this point you have not yet decided to start spreading your brand through digital media, it is because you are not aware of the number of benefits that digital marketing can bring to your small business.

You must think that in the highly digitized world in which we live, the presence on the internet is practically mandatory for any business today that wants to reap results.

There is a widespread though in many companies that think “Marketing is not for my business.” It is a wrong thought since digital marketing is born for everyone. It is not the same to think of an advertisement on television (which is true that it may not be for all types of business), then in advertising through social networks or Google Adwords.

The digital medium is a space where everyone (companies and individuals) can find their place without being large multinationals or notable people. The Internet was born to be a means of communication for everyone, and you should take advantage of it for your business.

If you continue reading you will find all the benefits that digital marketing can bring to your small and medium scale business and we will surely convince you to venture with this type of strategy and media to increase your company growth in the desired way by also know exactly what is SME and how it is beneficial for your organizational growth.

Traffic increase

How we already tell you in ” Digital Marketing for SMEs ” the presence in the online media needs to be worked to reap results. It doesn’t work just to be there, you have to strive to be found.

When performing actions through the different spaces provided by the network (email marketing, social networks, blogs …) your website will be present in different media, which guarantees you a wider audience that translates into more traffic to your website.

Greater visibility

Being present on the internet, when a person performs a search related to your services, it is much more likely to find you and end up knowing your brand than if you stay in your business waiting for customers to come along.

Better positioning

By increasing your visibility and traffic to your website, you will get Google to interpret that the information you offer on your website is relevant and of value to users in a search related to your services or sector, so you will be able to improve your organic positioning by scaling positions in Google results.


Online advertising is much cheaper for companies than traditional media. Digital marketing for SMEs does not involve very high investments for companies (although if you want the best results, it is best to hire a marketing agency for SMEs).

The Internet is “free” (obviously you must have an internet connection) as well as accessible to everyone anywhere in the world. Simply by creating a fan page on Facebook, you would already be doing digital marketing.

Very easy. How much does it cost to post a video on your Facebook page? Free. And how much does it cost for that same video to appear on television? Thousands of euros The comparison is clear and the results are much better.

Improve your online reputation

The network is also space where users think, make references and create communities around common interests. 30% of users believe that a brand I have an internet presence is a sign of confidence.

Having an online marketing strategy, your brand reputation will benefit thanks to the possibility that users leave comments and references on your page (both on your website and in your social networks, or in other spaces where your brand is present).

But beware. Online reputation is a double-edged sword, and just as it can help you grow, it can also harm you if you do not manage your communication channels or your products and services well do not satisfy your customers.

Also, you must interact with users to show concern for their experience, in addition to trying to talk about you in other places that are relevant within your sector.

Better knowledge of your audience

Using analysis tools such as Google Analytics or Facebook statistics tools, you can have a very broad knowledge of who makes up your audience.

You must take advantage of the navigation data generated by users to know what type of content interests them most, what communication channels they prefer to use, on which platforms they are usually more present, sociodemographic data.

Greater use of internal resources

Who better than you will know all the benefits of your brand? Take advantage of your experience in the sector for your content strategy and offer users valuable content and quality-oriented to meet their needs.

Do not forget to spread on social networks. Today it is very likely that a large part of your audience is present in this medium.

 Increase in sales opportunities

By growing in visibility, traffic, and positioning, you will be able to attract and capture a greater number of sales opportunities with which to start working to turn them into customers.

Also, offering useful and quality content to your users, you will achieve a remarkable differentiation with your competition that will make the satisfaction of your customers very positive and end up recommending you in different spaces in the network or to its nearby social circle.

Use of innovative techniques

The use of the Internet as a means of disseminating your brand gives you the option to use the most innovative customer attraction techniques, such as Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing is nothing more than a content strategy focused on attracting customers and offering them the help they need to make a purchase decision intelligently and independently. It is about offering you all the tools to complete the process.

Analysis of your campaign performance

In addition to collecting data about your audience, digital marketing allows you to more easily analyze the performance of your campaigns, than if you advertise by traditional means (offline).

You will be able to identify errors in time before they become very damaging to your business as well as knowing what works best in your usual communication channels.

Improve customer loyalty

The use of digital marketing makes planning customer loyalty strategies much easier. For example, thanks to email marketing, you can send personalized emails to people who are already your customers to repeat purchase, offering discounts, exclusive promotions.

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