Basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO is a very deep concept and it takes some time to master SEO. If you have installed your WordPress blog with the SEO plugin, then you can go ahead and start optimizing your website otherwise first install the SEO plugin on your blog.

If you have a blog, and you have started receiving your first few visitors from the search engines, you will be knowing about 80-90% SEO.

What are Search Engines?

Search engines are evolved from of Yellow Pages and Classifieds. We search here for the Information, Services etc.

Understanding Google

Google is the leader in the marketplace of search engines. We have to understand about Google as all the course posts are based on Google Search Engine. Google comprises two types of listing

  • Organic Listing
  • Paid Listing

What SEO is?

SEO is a process by which you can improve your website or blog visibility on Search Engines like Google, Bing,Yahoo etc or it is a process by which you can gain more traffic to your website by means of Search Engines naturally or Organically (without spending money).


What are Keywords?

Any time when you type a word or phrase into a search box—on Google, for example—you are using keywords to try to find relevant images, videos, or information. Keywords are basically terms that we send to a search engine when we’re Searching for answers, knowledge, products, or services.


How to Optimise Website Homepage?

We can optimise homepage by using keywords optimise H1 and H2 tags.

Read here the post on optimisation of Homepage.


How to optimise website pages and blog posts?

Read here the on the optimisation of pages and blog posts.

What are Back links?

Backlinks are the hypertext that links one web page to another web page. These are important in SEO. Higher the Quantity and Quality of Back Links can improve your SEO and place your website in first page of relevant search results.

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